The DaxVerse

This is the informational page for my character universe DaxVerse, also alternatively called the SkipVerse.

But Dax, what is the DaxVerse?

Good question! It's sortof a coping mechanism, but mostly just me taking inspiration from things i like.

The Characters

Dax (me!)

I guess I'll start off with the personification of myself, which is basically Daxter Flaxter but cant control his powers in any way, at ALL.

(amazing art by my friend shane!(sleeptime.computing on insta!)

Scout Hicks

Scout is a full-time HypnoSpace Enforcer who really likes his job. He lives at MerchantSoft HQ after an unfortunate fire.

(art by me!!)

Liach W.

Liach is a musical artist, based of Lemon Demon song, Lifetime Acheivement Award. Usually preforms with a partner, his name is Deuce.

art made with picrew! (ill link it later ;D )